Choose a replica watches with a beautiful case or dial

As in rule number two, less is more. Opt for a simple white or black dial. If you give the time and, at most, add a date window, it will be enough. More is to fall into excess, and not precisely in that to which Joaquín Sabina sings.

The watch should fit just under the cuff of the shirt. For this reason, if you are going to combine a replica watch and shirt, you should opt for a watch with a fine case or dial.

To confirm that the choice is correct, apply the rule of thumb. This says that, in case you bend your arms, like when you put your hands in your pockets, the replica watch should look, although not much more than half. Check this before a mirror. How many clock samples? Only half? Then you have chosen the perfect shirt and replica watch model.

Regarding the hand in which you should carry the replica watches, check out this guide where we delve into when you should choose to carry it on the left and when on the right.

Here’s a quick guide to colors. Memorize it well or write it down somewhere where you can quickly consult it. When it comes to combining colors, bet on simplicity. We talk about the tandem suit-belt:

Obviously, this varies from person to person fake Rolex Datejust,. But then we collect our favorite brands to take to a wedding.

Best replica watch brands to take to a wedding or formal event:

Patek Phillip: This firm offers a large number of formal watches. Try the Calatrava Manual Wind in case you are looking for something simple but elegant that is infallible: