Many precision components of this replica watches have been patented

The tourbillon frame of this watch masterpiece is inspired by the geometric design of Mr. BreguetĄ¯s first manuscripts, using BreguetĄ¯s patented anti-vibration mechanism and independently developed balance spring. The hairspring made of silicon material is Breguet's well-deserved technological innovation: the end adopts the famous convex curved tail end, which is called "Breguet-style top winding hairspring", and the silicon material replica watches uk has the characteristics of anti-magnetic interference. , To make the watch more accurate.

The tourbillon, the equation of time, and the perpetual calendar are three major complications that are perfectly presented on the same watch, which is a highlight of this extraordinary masterpiece, and the delicate and smart movement is the finishing touch of this timepiece. The core of the movement is equipped with a cam, which is placed on the sapphire crystal disc. Each revolution is one year, which faithfully reproduces the trajectory of the time equation, and the time equation information is passed through the stylus that runs with the cam. Read. A week along the transparent disc marks the month of the year, and the transparent design makes the tourbillon underneath clear and impressive.

The titanium tourbillon frame, silicon hairspring and escape wheel have made this ultra-thin tourbillon watch with a movement thickness of only 3 mm thanks to the super-high watchmaking technology and technology. After the movement structure has been redesigned, the outer gear can drive the tourbillon on the movement to rotate perfectly.

This timepiece is equipped with an ultra-thin movement and a balance wheel with a frequency of up to 4 Hz. It is also equipped with Breguet's patented high-energy barrel, giving this watch a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The movement adopts a fully hollow design, hollow gold splints and bridges, hand-decorated and engraved, and the exquisite internal mechanical structure is immediately in front of you.

Many precision components of this timepiece have been patented replica watches, so this masterpiece can be regarded as one of the most complicated timepieces developed by Breguet's watchmaking factory. The two tourbillon devices operate independently of each other like two mechanical hearts, driven by their respective barrels. The fully exposed movement is like an exquisite sculpture, revolving around the axis in a rhythm that rotates once every 12 hours. The calibration of the attitude and balance of the tourbillon frame are all done by hand.